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2 Minutes 2 Win It, who doesn’t like to play games together or versus the family, colleagues or friends! Everyone loves these short, fun and challenging activities. In 2 Minutes 2 Win It you will be challenged in contests of wit, tactics, team work, and faced with an assortment of challenges. These games can be played 1 on 1 or with 10 teams of 10. 2M2WI makes for the best Birthday Celebration, Teambuilding, Bachelor/ette, Graduation, Family Reunion, Battle of the Sex’s, Fundraiser or just plain old TGIF party.


30 minutes – 2 hours


Minimum 2 and maximum 200




Low / Moderate


Couples, Friends, Co-Workers & Giraffe’s!

Tame, Wild or Crazy Fun!

Award trips, Annual Meetings, Retreats & Celebrations

Team building programs

Minute to Win It Games

Choose your favorite Minute to Win It party games and let the fun begin! 

All the games are fun and challenging at the same time. Kids, tweens, teens, and adults all have fun playing these games!

Shared Games Prices

2-8 people
$40 each

9-20 people
$38 each

21-30 people
$36 each

31-49 people
$34 each

50 people & up
$32 each

Private games available!

Sweet Tooth

Players must move a cookie from their forehead to their mouths using only their facial muscles. The team that successfully moves the most in 60 seconds wins.


Players must create a pyramid of cups. Once built, players must slide down the cups to create a single stack. This must be repeated with all players in a team.


The first player must place pencils (2 at a time) on top of their hand, flip them in the air, and catch them with the same hand. This must be repeated until 12 pencils have been flipped and caught. Th…

Shake That

To play Junk in the Trunk, you’ll be wearing a contraption that consists of a Kleenex box filled with ping pong balls. This box is stuck on your rump, and you’ll have to shake all the ball…

Ping Tac Toe

Players must bounce ping pong balls of contrasting colors in an effort to land 3 in a row.

Marble Bounce

Players must bounce marble balls in a glass in an attempt to land 3 in a row.

Horse Play

Players must blow a ping pong balls across 2 slanted tables of different heights and land them into each of the 3 horseshoes.


Players must bounce ping pong balls off a clipboard attached to their teammate and land them into 3 wastebaskets.

Frequently Asked Questions

"It was a lot of fun! Required teamwork, brain power and thinking outside the box (the locked box). We escaped the room with just over 2 minutes remaining. Well worth it. And Tony was an excellent game master! We tried the haunted hotel room and will go back again to try another option."

Sara Lee Kessler

"Both the paintball and Escape room were very good activities and to think it’s all possible in one place! Definitely a recommendation! And the host Tony was also great for the team and we were able to save the city just in time!!!"

Kalsey Johnston

"My daughter celebrated her 12th birthday here with her friends and they all had a great time. We were in the Other Side and they almost made it out in time. The puzzles were nice and challenging and the host was excellent. He was very helpful, encouraged the group on how to ask for clues, and made the experience a lot of fun. Definitely want to try the other room."

Erika Barsness Reid

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